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Good afternoon! We don’t blog too often, but when we do it’s because we want to share exciting news. Our hot desks are now available for online booking! We love this because it helps us keep things organized, but we’re also doing it because we want to be able to offer attractive rates during our less busy times of day.

This is our co-working space.

This is our co-working space.

Let’s be honest, we get the greatest demand for our hot desks during normal office hours. That’s when we have to charge our standard rates. However, what about those times that are not so much in demand? We have a beautiful serviced office facility with the best internet speeds available in Myanmar. We figured, why not test out some off-peak prices? We’re currently charging just $4 an hour for off-peak hot desking. This means you can come in on Saturday between 9am — 1pm and pay just $4/hr. Or, you can come in between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays and get the special $4/hr rate.

You're also welcome to relax in the business lounge during your stay.

You’re also welcome to relax in the business lounge during your stay.

Additionally, we have decided to charge a $25/day rate for our hot desks if you want to work for a full day. Not only do you get your own managerial-sized desk with the fastest internet in Yangon, but you also have full access to our executive business lounge and the kitchen & pantry area. And, you’re welcome to a complimentary espresso or cappuccino each day you work.

So, meet us on Merchant and give it a try. We’re on the 3rd floor at 608 Merchant Street between Bosoonpat St. and 31st. Hope to see you soon!HINTHA-Yangon-309



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