Q: What is Hintha Business Centres?

A: Hintha Business Centres, part of Anthem Asia, an independent investment and advisory group focused on Myanmar, provides much-needed international-grade executive serviced offices. We combine flexible and versatile modern offices with Myanmar design elements, along with “hot desks” and a concierge approach to business services. Our first and flagship centre is a 6,000 sq. ft. facility at 608 Merchant Road, Pabedan Township, Yangon. We are looking at new sites all the time.

Q: Why did you choose the Hintha symbol?

A: Hintha Business Centres is named after the Hintha (or Hamsa) bird, a symbol of Bago city, a former capital of Myanmar. An ancient story tells of two Hintha birds flying during a flood. The only place they could find to rest was a small rock poking above the flood waters. The male bird landed on the rock. The female followed and stood on his back. Together they waited until the waters subsided. The imagery of the two “partner” birds, one supporting the other, mirrors our values in seeking to support new businesses and organizations entering the Myanmar market.

Q: What facilities and services do you have at your flagship centre?

A: The 6,000 sq. ft. centre in downtown Yangon, combines flexible and versatile modern offices with Myanmar design elements, along with “hot desks” and a concierge approach to business services. The 15 separate offices, 12 hot desks and conference facilities are furnished and equipped to international standards. The centre has its own dedicated fibre-optic Internet line, offering some of the fastest available connectivity in Myanmar.

For tenants requiring additional services, we offer range of services such as virtual offices, business registration, accounting, tax, pay roll, travel, translation and business administration services. In addition, our staff members have information on living and working in Myanmar.

Q: What clients have you signed up?

A: We have served more than 30 clients since our opening in September 2013. Our clients are mainly MNCs with presence in the region from across different industries such as oil & gas, manufacturing, insurance and others. We have also served as a base to NGOs, journalists and consultants. We are not able to give out the names for reasons of confidentiality.

Q: Hintha Business Centres are suitable for what sorts of clients?

A: Multinational firms and regional businesses as well as foreign non-government organizations seeking to enter the Myanmar market; business travelers who need full office facilities for a couple of hours, day, week or month or those who need to conduct private meetings in downtown Yangon.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Serviced offices like serviced apartments come with a range of services and access to facilities. Our office lease fees include fully-furnished offices, telephone with private number; secure, private data connection and Wi-fi; individually-controlled air-conditioning utilities; daily cleaning; security; and reception and reception staff. We offer concierge approach to client service. People move directly into a fully-functioning office so they can spend their time and energy on getting on with what matters—their own business.

We offer virtual offices—a business-presence and communication service that can include personal telephone answering and at other services available at preferred rate.

Meeting/conference room rental is available by the day and hour.

Access to the business lounge, Wi-fi connection and coffee for walk-in clients for a small hourly charge.

Q: What is the difference between an executive serviced business centre and co-working space? Are you an incubator for start-ups.

A: Hintha Business Centres mixes executive serviced business centre and co-working space via a combination of private serviced offices and “hot desks”. We have a range of tenants including multinational firms and regional businesses as well as non-government organizations. Our Co-working space offers alternative to short-term business visitors to Yangon, consultants and freelancers. The open area promotes networking among our tenants; however, unlike co-working space in big cities such as Singapore or New York, Hintha Business Centres does not organize events or mentor programs.

Q: Why does Yangon need business centres?/Why not build regular offices?

A: Executive serviced business centres are a common feature of every major city business environment. They provide tenants with flexibility. They allow firms to establish a presence in a market and take their time to consider their accommodation options without having to make large, hurried, long-term capital commitments. They provide additional accommodation and business services for firms and organizations that are expanding or have a temporary increase in staff numbers.

All these conditions apply in Yangon and Myanmar where foreign firms are starting to arrive, but are not sure of their longer-term office needs.

Q: How is a business centre/serviced office different from regular office?

A: Hintha Business Centres is a fully-furnished, ready to use office for clients to hit the ground running on the first day they enter Myanmar. We also offer company registration, accounting, tax, pay roll, travel, translation and a range of business and support . In addition, our staff members have information on living and working in Myanmar.

Q: What are your office hours?

A: Opening hours for public visitors is from 0830 hours to 1800 hours Monday to Friday. Our clients have 24/7 access to office as we provide manned security and the centre is equipped with CCTV cameras.

Q: Which utilities are included?

A: Electricity, water office maintenance costs are included in a monthly lease. There is no gas on the premises.

Q What is the security in the office?

A: We have 24 hour security guards; they are full time and trusted members of our staff.

Q: What is the provision in case of fire?

A: We recognize international clients require a safe environment. We work with the Yangon city fire authorities and conduct fire drills. We have clear signage, a fire alarm, a fire separate escape which leads directly to the street, fire extinguishers, and fire hose. Each office and hot desk has information on what to do in an emergency.

Q: Please explain the power and back up situation

A: Electricity in Myanmar can be expensive and unreliable. We have back up generators for our office and lift which kick in automatically if there is an outage.

Q: Are the offices sound-proofed?

A: Yes, the partitioning is fully sound-proofed.

Q: Can I sign a lease before my business is registered in Myanmar?

A: Our leases and agreements must be signed by a legal entity; this may be a foreign entity, but on some occasions additional references and credit checks may be required.

Q: What is the minimum length of lease?

A: You can use hot desks for just an hour! We prefer office lease to be minimum one month but if you need for less, then it is possible. The maximum length of lease is normally 6 months, which can be renewed.

Q: What is a hot desk?

A: The hot desk is a semi-private desk area for working (can have direct telephone line answered in your company name depending on the pre-paid package); a data point connecting to the Internet. You can take a desk for just an hour!

Q: What is a virtual office service?

A: This is an address, telephone and fax only service; you pay monthly and can use all our details on your card and we’ll take messages in your absence; either a private of shared telephone number. We forward messages based on client requirements. Email contact is free of charge; telephone and fax contacts are as per our price list.

Q: Can I lease meeting rooms if I’m not a client?

A: Yes, anyone can rent our meeting facilities for an hour, day or week.

Q: Is the conference room equipped?

A: Yes, with a projector, whiteboard and flip chart.

Q: Does Hintha provide Conference Calling facilities?

A: Our internet supports applications such as Skype or Google Hangout. Telephone lines do not allow for effective video conference at present. Client can choose to use own equipment or Hintha can set-up a laptop with speakers and allow client to use Hintha account to conduct the call for a fee.

Q: Do you offer catering?

A: Yes, meetings can be catered whether lunch, fruit or refreshments. In addition, we have a fully equipped kitchen and office tenants may prepare and/or eat lunch as they wish. Hintha also has a coffee corner is stocked with snacks, fresh fruit, tea, soft drinks, juices and breakfast items for purchase. We also help our clients to make lunch orders to be delivered to the office as an alternative.

Q: What is Adminstrative Support?

A: This includes typing, secretarial, translation, making meeting appointments, organizing training sessions.

Q: What is the Registered Office Address service?

A: A registered address is a legal requirement for all companies – this is sometimes with your lawyer or an accountant. But if the Hintha address is used, then there is a charge. The police will come to verify that the company is at the address. This charge includes producing a company sign at reception.

Q: Can I stay ‘anonymous’ in the centre? I don’t want to advertise my company name there.

A: Yes, you can. There is no obligation to put your company name on any centre or office sign board. Your presence can be kept fully confidential.