Flexible Work Spaces at Merchant Street, Yangon: What They Are and Why You Need One

Ask any entrepreneur and business startup about their early days and they’ll recall the days and months working from home, sometimes even sleeping in their office, and the experience of a lonely and uphill battle.
But today you don’t have to go it alone or break the bank to find a work environment without the overheads, one where you can co-work with other like-minded individuals, perhaps find collaborations along the way, and definitely be productive without having to double up as living quarters. The answer lies in flexible workspaces offered at Hintha Business Centre on Merchant Street.

Hintha’s Guide to Flexible Workspace Terminology
There is a wide range of terms and definitions that have sprung up with the popularity and market needs of flexible workspace solutions. To clear the confusion, here is Hintha Business Centres’ guide to familiarize you with some of the most common terms you’ll hear being mentioned in any vibrant city full of economic opportunities.
1. Collaborative Workspace — Different from a traditional office layout in that it refers to a space shared by multiple companies or individuals while maintaining their separate endeavours. Usually booked for a period of time, anything from a week to 8 months while you get your business up and running.
2. Co-Working — This is a type of collaborative workspace and is often available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Ideal for independent or freelance professionals, start-ups looking for a steady workspace. popular choice for their community-style approach. Co-working spaces encourage members to interact and support one another. Hintha Business Centre at Merchant Street has XX desks for co-working slots, each with Wi-Fi, communal lounge areas, desks, furniture, and refreshments, starting from just $30 per day.
3. Hot-Desk — these are spaces typically located in a shared environment that are available by the hour or day. Perfect for those needing a break from the isolation of working from home or seeking inspiration and support from like-minded entrepreneurs, or if you are in between meetings in downtown Yangon and need a desk with professional service. Hintha’s Merchant Street hot-desking is typically a drop-in environment that does not have the communal vibe associated with co-working. If you’re constantly on the move but need the occasional place to land, hot-desking with Hintha at Merchant Street for just $5 per hour.
4. Virtual Office — When you are setting up a business or have a factory plant outside the city and need an official address that makes the right impression, or perhaps you aren’t yet living in Yangon to handle the frequent mail, phone calls, business enquiries, for just $30 a month – less than a dollar a day – Hintha Business Centres answers this professional requirement. You can run your Myanmar business from anywhere in the world, and your Yangon company ticks away without the stress of Office-25