Location, Location, Business

Yangon is a city developing fast, rising out of five decades of stagnation. With that excitement comes a number of challenges, and when figuring out where to open the doors of your business in Myanmar, there are plenty of things to consider. Location is a key factor in growing your company and reaching for success. Do not be fooled into accepting the cheap apartment just because the monthly rent is affordable. Come the summer months when power cuts still are frequent and long, if the building doesn’t have a generator, not only will it be uncomfortable to work in, your business will be forced to take a pause. And if the location address isn’t easy to find, not only does it keep customers away, but that cheap office solution you thought you had could hurt your business by costing you significant sums in lost revenue.
Getting the location right from the start leads to business in three significant ways – attracting customers, brand recognition, and profit maximization. While seeking the best location for the lowest price might be attractive to your bottom line incentive, choosing the right location adds value in other ways that ensure your business success in Myanmar begins on solid ground.

Easy to find
Don’t assume for one moment that a taxi driver in Yangon knows their way around, how to read an address written on paper or follow a Google map. Your business address needs to be located in a place that everyone knows and allows for easy access, While a small side street where rent is cheaper might seem appealing, they are also less visible and easier to miss. Your clients will be late trying to find your office and you may well lose an interested client to the competition before they even get through your door. The customers’ experience at every point of communication influences their impression on how you do business.
As a startup, you will be looking at every cent and dollar. Hintha’s two locations boutique and corporate opKeep the experience a positive one by opening your doors somewhere convenient for your customer.

Brand value
All around the world and in every city, different neighbourhoods bring their own personalities, quirks and cultural vibes. For a business, this means the address they choose as an office is affiliated with that neighbourhood experience, which then automatically becomes your customer experience.

First, you need to clearly define your company and what it stands for as a brand. What should people think of when they see your logo or hear your company name? Once you have defined some of the adjectives associated with your brand, as well as whether you want to be seen as a boutique or corporate option, you can start thinking about what neighborhood and street your business will fit into.

Hintha Business Centres carefully chose their two locations on Merchant Street and Sule Square with two very different experiences in mind. While both options offer impressive offices in two prime locations, prestigious addresses that create a positive first impression, they are also in convenient parts of the city and embrace their environment in two very different ways. Merchant Street is a boutique option suitable for hot desks, co-working spaces, startups and entrepreneurs in a bustling main street lined with fruit sellers and opposite the main branch of one of Myanmars top banking institutions, KBZ.

In contrast, Hintha Business Centre at Sule Square offers a corporate, distinctive and admired environment on the 10th floor of a new multipurpose luxury shopping mall and executive business tower. Ideal for expanding and transitional businesses, the range of office solutions are tailored to create a unique Yangon working environment that is a private space and yet encourages networking, collaboration in a professionally furnished facility with excellent views of the Yangon skyline.

It is always important to know your business and figure out what it needs to grow and prosper. Whether your business model is suited to Merchant Street or Sule Square, Hintha Business Centres enable the foundations of your business success in Myanmar. Hintha takeaway the headache and hindrance of finding the best location for your business, allowing you to leverage on our locations and add to your business’s ability to generate profit. Select your preferred location at Merchant Street or Sule Square and give your business the support structure it deserves.


Hintha’s Brand Story
Our logo shows two Hintha (or Hamsa) birds. The ancient tale is that a female Hintha bird rested on the back of her partner as he perched on a tiny rock waiting for the floodwaters to subside. At Hintha Business Centres, we support businesses and groups as they find their way in the Myanmar market.

The female Hintha, placed centrally, highlights how we put the client at the centre of what we do. It mirrors the support we offer clients from all over the world as they become established in the dynamic business environment of Myanmar.