Myanmar Design Initiative

Our Clients Talk: Myanmar Design Initiative

As part of our series “Experience Hintha: Our Clients Talk,” we sat down with Singaporean Designer Richie Chan to talk about Myanmar Design Initiative (MDI) , a platform he set up in 2017 to foster the local creative scene.


Tell us more about MDI.

Myanmar Design Initiative (MDI) was set up as a creative platform for the local community. It is built around a series of initiatives that include educational workshops and courses, competitions, events and exhibitions.

We also want to create an opportunity for designers and other creative individuals to meet and share their experience in face of a growing demand for designers in Yangon.

Who is behind MDI?

At the moment it’s only me, as MDI started just a couple of weeks ago. MDI is now actively looking for resourceful people to join and collaborate on single projects and over the long run.

How and why did MDI come to life?

Our aim is to cultivate, encourage, foster and grow the creative scene in Yangon. These initiatives aim to create awareness and hopefully an appreciation for design and the arts. We believe in the ‘seeding and seeping’ of creativity within society, as creativity breeds innovation, and thereby contributes to improving all other aspects of society.

What is MDI’s vision and goal?

MDI’s vision is to grow into a multi-disciplinary design platform that educates about design and provides creative work opportunities to more and more Myanmar people.

Why did you choose Hintha Business Centres as the venue of MDI’s first inaugural event “Thinking of Becoming a Designer”?

We have chosen to host the event at Hintha because of its credibility, its modern and well-equipped facilities and a service that is commendable.