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Our Clients Talk: Opportunities NOW

This month Hintha Business Centres was the venue of a few events happening as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), an international initiative that introduces entrepreneurship to young people in six continents.

Opportunities NOW (ONOW) hosted the workshop entitled “Kill the Lecture” at Hintha@Merchant Street. We sat down with Director of Relationships and Marketing Johnny Knox, who summed up for us the main points from the event.

ONOW is an entrepreneurship development system and lab in Myanmar that helps young people start business. Since 2012, ONOW has launched over 250 small businesses and trained hundreds more.

In the early years of ONOW we struggled to find a training methodology that was effective, and attractive to young people in Myanmar. The classes were long, more of a traditional classroom setting. A lecturer stood at the front of the classroom, with a presentation planned and a stack of curriculum to deliver.

The customer response should have been indicative of the uselessness of this model. We tried everything to recruit students. Events and paid recruiters and incentives. Cohorts were planned, cohorts were delayed, cohorts were cancelled…because so few students would come. The concept was flawed.

Entrepreneurship can’t be lectured—it must be experienced!

Today ONOW’s training is highly interactive, experiential, and discussion-oriented. No lecture. Just activities, conversation, role plays. And completely based in the real world.

Students responded.

Since making the change, every cohort has been completely full. Students are engaged and they are more prepared to manage the challenges of starting a new business. As a result more businesses have been launched.

This applies not only to our business but to so many industries…

Interactive learning is hugely impactful. Lecture, on the other hand, is a waste of everyone’s time.