Yangon Toastmasters Public Speaking Club: An Open Platform To Practice Public Speaking in Yangon

Do you struggle to speak in public and the idea of giving a public presentation scares you? Do you want to be a more confident speaker or you wonder how to engage people the right way during a networking event?

If the answer is yes, the right answer for you is Toastmasters. Yangon Toastmasters is a unique platform that gives people a chance to practice their speaking skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, a group of passionate members gather to speak, following the principle that you can only “learn by doing.” Each member has the opportunity to talk and interact.

With help from senior evaluators and peers, (s)he will receive feedback in the form of useful tips, projects and assignments. In Yangon Toastmasters’ jargon, this is called “experiential learning.”

“We normally have very limited chances to express ourselves at school or at the workplace. This makes a public speaking platform like Yangon Toastmasters ever more important to learn how to express our thoughts and ideas,” said Ma Saint, Senior Expert, Learning & Development at Telenor Myanmar and long-time member of Yangon Toastmasters.

The public speaking club gathers an average of 20-25 people from different paths of life – from CEOs to NGO professionals, teachers, students and more – but oh my! The event is open to the public and no prior registration is required to attend the meeting.

If you stay around for longer, you will be encouraged to develop your speaking skills in a staged process, backed by clear structures and learning processes.

Communication is key in anyone’s life – at school, in your private life and in business. It is a life skill,” added Ma Saint. “In Myanmar, speaking is linked to the country’s recent opening, it is synonym of empowerment and democracy.”

Yangon Toastmasters Public Speaking Club
Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

Hintha@Merchant Street
3rd Floor, 608 Merchant Street, Corner of 31st Street, Yangon

Yangon Toastmasters https://www.facebook.com/yangon.toastmasters/
Toastmasters International http://www.toastmasters.org